Preswaged Wire Kits with Saddles & Rivets

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  • Preswaged Wire Kits with Saddles & Rivets are a great look with Stainless Steel Posts or timber posts.
  • Jaw/Swage Bottlescrew Turnbuckle & Fork Terminal are hydraulically pressed onto the wire for you ready for you to install the wires.
  • All you need to do is rivet the saddles to the posts then attach the the wires to the saddles.
  • The wires can be feed thru any intermediate posts by drilling a 8mm hole.
  • We just need your measurements from inside post to inside posts to make up your wires ready to install.
  • Send through your inside post measurements & we will give you a quote.
  • We recommend you use the 3.2mm 1x19 316 Marine Grade wire with the Preswaged Kits. This wire is a stiff strong wire that also is the best looking wire.
  • If you need any info please let us know.