Find the Right Stainless Steel Turnbuckles and Wires for Your Next Balustrading Project: Buy from Shane’s Stainless Anywhere in Australia

A stainless steel wire balustrade looks beautifully simplistic when it’s finished, but the truth is that a lot of planning and careful calculation goes into achieving the final result. Stainless steel wires need to be cut to the right lengths to suit the project. Stainless steel turnbuckles need to be incorporated to adjust and perfect the tension of the wires. Fittings—such as rivets and lag screws—need to be used to attach the wires to poles or posts and hold the entire system together.

With so many factors to consider and so many parts to incorporate, it’s easy to view a stainless steel wire balustrade as something that you should leave to the professionals. With the help of the right supplier, though, this kind of undertaking is perfectly achievable as a DIY project.

Make Your Balustrade Installation a DIY Project When You Buy Stainless Steel Turnbuckles, Wires, and Fittings from Shane’s Stainless

We dedicate ourselves to helping home improvement enthusiasts like you tackle tough projects on a DIY basis. We sell extremely high quality stainless steel balustrade solutions, explicitly designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. Are you looking for a place to purchase stainless steel turnbuckles in Australia? We’ve got what you need. Do you need stainless steel wire that is ready to install, already pre-swaged and pre-cut to suit your specifications? We can help you on that front, too.

We even carry DIY stainless wire balustrading kits, which provide all the fittings you need to lay the groundwork for your balustrade. Each kit includes turnbuckles, screws, thimbles, and ferrules. Once you have those components, all you need to do is buy the appropriate wire length to complete your staircase or balcony balustrade. Luckily, Shane’s Stainless can sell you that, too!

You might be asking, ‘What happens if I mess up the length or tension on my wires? Couldn’t it be dangerous?’ After all, when you install a stainless steel wire balustrade, you want to make sure it provides appropriate support and fall protection.

When it comes to buying stainless steel turnbuckles, wires or fittings in Australia, though, you can buy with confidence at Shane’s Stainless. We have been in business for 50 years, we work with the best suppliers and serve countless trade professionals, as well as do-it-yourselfers. In other words, while we provide competitive prices and try to make balustrade installation a little easier for the average person, we don’t do it by cutting corners. All our products are premium quality and as dependable as anything on the market. So long as you are careful about the installation process, there is no reason your balustrade can’t be professional grade.

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