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Stainless steel wire has become a popular choice for builders and landscapers in Australia. It’s clean; sharp modern look makes it an ideal material to use in many projects. Not to mention its durability and price which is also attractive. It only takes a little imagination to come up with a multitude of uses for stainless steel wire in Brisbane.

Once you have decided to use stainless steel wire in Brisbane for your project, you need to find the right company who can give you the best product at the best price with excellent customer service. In Brisbane that means you should look up Shane’s Stainless Store.

We’ve been supplying the best stainless steel wire to builders, professional landscapers and people working on their own DIY projects for the past 15 years and your 100% satisfaction with both our products and our service is our top goal.

Brisbane stainless steel wire useful in many projects

Stainless steel wire is ideal for use in landscaping and balustrades. In Brisbane, stainless steel wire rope can give your balcony or deck a new sleek look, and it's safe to use and much more durable than wood, which does have the staying power of stainless steel wire.

Shane uses 316 marine grade stainless steel wire because it is made to handle the many kinds of weather you find in Australia. Our wires come in a variety of sizes from 1mm to 12 mm in diameter, and the three main strand sizes we carry are the semi-flexible 7x7, the stiffer 1x19 and the very flexible 7x19. All our stainless steel wire rope is cut to the exact length you need and ready to install. Our dedicated staff is ready to work with you on any project. They will advise you on the right kind of stainless steel wire to use for a price that can’t be beaten.

It all means that when you’re looking for stainless steel wire rope in Brisbane, Shane’s Stainless Store is ready to help meet your every need.

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Using stainless feel wire for your deck or balcony is just one of its many uses. Landscapers are using it more often to help hold up vines or to keep large plants that need support in place. If you need to hang a large object in your home or building, stainless steel wire is a perfect material to use.

Shane’s can design, manufacture, and deliver stainless steel wires. We can do the same with stainless steel posts. We can provide as much stainless wire in Brisbane that you need for any project at a fantastic price. We buy large quantities, and that means we save on our costs, and we pass those saving on to you.

Regardless of the use, you have in mind, or if you’re a professional builder, a tradesman, a landscaper or tackling a DIY project, Shane’s has the quality product, at the right price and an expert staff to help you at every step of your project.

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