Stainless Steel Wire

  • Stainless steel wire is commonly used in balustrading, decks & handrails.
  • This wire is 316 marine grade quality wire made to handle the harsh conditions of Australia.
  • Stainless steel wires comes in a range of sizes from 1mm diametre up to 12mm diametre.
  • The most common size used in balustrading is 3.2mm wire.
  • The is three main strands of stainless steel wire are 7x7 strand , 1x19 strand & 7x19 strand. 

The 7x7 strand is a semi flexible wire used with DIY turnbuckle kits. 

The 7x19 strand is a very flexible wire used with DIY turnbuckle kits

The 1x19 strand is a stiff wire with little or no stretch used in Preswaged wire kits.

Stainless steel wire is now used extensively in the building industry because of its great look & low cost. Landscapers are now using as a support for vines as well. There is no limit to what you can use stainless wire for. We sell any amount of stainless steel wire so get a price today for your next project.